My Travel Philosophy

I caught on to the phrase Maunder and Rove for this page first because it was not already taken as a WordPress domain name, secondly because I found the word maunder in the thesaurus and adored it, and third because it does a good job encapsulating my general travel philosophy.

In the majority of cases I either stumble upon a destination that is easily accessible, or fixate on a spot I have read about until I am able to go.  Once there I do, of course, enjoy hitting the main sites, but I also adore having the time to just rove* and see what marvels reveal themselves along the way.  I collect photographs and pamphlets and postcards as I go, as well as all the history and anecdotes on which I can get my hot little hands.  Afterwards I will naturally want to do more research and then tell absolutely everybody about the tidbits I have picked up (a habit of storytelling that was, again, encouraged by my Grampa).  Thus the maundering bit.  Thus also my inevitable entrance into the profession of tour guide and my equally inevitable decision to start a blog.

I will also note that I am not a backpacking sort of traveler.  It has taken me some time to overcome an odd guilt I had about this.  I am an introvert** and therefore hostels seem like the worst possible choice for rest after days filled with lots of new stimuli.  I enjoy soft beds, fluffy pillows and quiet privacy.  I also enjoy comfy train seats rather than buses when I have the choice, and the peace of mind that comes with reservations and at least a skeleton itinerary.  I am, in short, more Samantha Brown than Alex in Wanderland (though I do adore her blog).  If this terribly offends your sensibilities, you may want to start following a different blogger.

In my quest for more frequent, less expensive, and still comfy travel, I have turned to the game of ‘travel hacking.’ If you’d like to learn more about how to earn and take full advantage of things like airline miles, I recommend checking out Extra Pack of Peanuts!


IMG_2958*RECOMMENDED READING: A really wonderful little book of essays by my college poetry professor, Willard Spiegelman.  I found this treasure in the window of the Harvard Book Store.  I knew there could only be one Willard Spiegelman!  My purchasing and reading of this book sparked a brief and lovely handwritten correspondence between myself and my professor.  I include it here, because I do enjoy and completely agree with his musings on the pleasure of roving in cities.

Quiet**RECOMMENDED READING: This link will take you to Susan Cain’s TED talk (I also adore TED talks).  Also, if you have not yet read it and are confused about what an introvert is, or if you’d just like to better understand the introverts in your life, go read (or listen to) her book Quiet.