As ever, thank you all dearly, deeply for taking the time to offer up such kind words!


Personal Notes:

Caitlin – I caught your tour on Saturday 11AM.  You really know your stuff did a great job.  I was impressed how you handled the annoying guests and surrounding noise/distractions with tremendous poise.” – David, NY

“My wife and I took your freedom tour, this is our first visit to Boston, we arrived about 1 min. before you were ready to leave on the tour,we said maybe wait for the next tour out but something told me to jump in and go with your group, are we glad we did !  We had such a great experience and listening to you speak with all your heart gave us a wonderful tour with you, you have a way with people to keep them wanting to learn more, keep up the great work. Hope to see again on our next visit. Sincerely”: Stuart

“I have been telling absolutely everybody about your tour. Not because the tour was great, though it was, but because of your remarkable skills as a tour guide.  We were a family of five including three kids 13 to 21, and all of us were lost in time for a couple hours on the lower part of the freedom trail.  Thank you so much for making this important history come alive, with great humor and shared fascination.  Thanks so much for sharing your exceptional skills.” –Greg, Seattle

Trip Advisor:

Freedom Trail Faces-001Freedom Trail: 

If your family consists of children of widely varying ages, you parents know that there are not many activities that can keep your whole family entertained, educated and happy for several hours. My wife and I were so pleased that Caitlin Johnson’s tour of the Freedom Trail did just that for our 4 children, aged 10 to 18. For most family activities, at least one of our kids is bored and restless. But, like a great Pixar movie, this tour kept everyone rapt and happy. Everyone reported a great experience. I learned a ton. I would do a tour with Caitlin again in a heartbeat. She was well informed, theatrical, she projected her voice to everyone, she was in costume, and she kept things moving along. Next time we’re in Boston we hope to do another tour with her. -StevenJosephFogarty- Las Vegas, NV

June 25, 2018

I was on the Freedom Trail tour today and Caitlin was awesome – she has a real talent for storytelling, helping keep track of the events of Boston from it’s founding through the revolution without getting dry. She was also really funny, and great at answering questions. –Edward R –New York

June 2018

We took the Freedom Trail walking tour. We don’t regret it. Caitlin our tour guide made it so interesting and we learned so much. She is a powerful speaker who knows her history like the palm of her hand. Truly recommend Caitlin! –Katherine1958- Athens, Georgia

May 2018

Just finished a tour and it exceeded expectations. Caitlin has confidently mastered the art of storytelling, captivating us all with fun (and often funny) stories of revolutionary Boston. I’m a Mass native and a tour guide myself, so my bar is set pretty high for this stuff. Happy to say this experience went above that bar. –meg_arita_11 –Framingham, Ma

December 2,2017

Caitlin was an amazing storyteller, and injected our tour with boundless energy! She made it super fun even for my guest, who wasn’t really psyched about going on a history tour. I would do this tour again multiple times!- BobH124 –Appleton, Wisconsin

November 13,2017

What a tremendous way to learn about the history of Boston. Caitlan is a fantastic, articulate teacher and speaker. She uses an economy of words to deliver her point without ever boring you. Trust me, if you want to learn and see this portion of the city, take this tour but make sure to schedule with Caitlan. -Frank D

September 2, 2017

Caitlin is a fantastic tour guide. She spent two hours guiding us and telling such captivating stories about the history of Boston from the arrival of the Puritans to the Revolutionary War. What a fantastic day. Thanks you, Caitlin!- mrosman7

August 27, 2017

My family of five – including two adult children and a 10-year-old all agreed this tour was a highlight of our stop in Boston. We were driving from NYC to Maine for the second leg of vacation and decided to spend a few hours in Boston soaking up a bit of history. Caitlin was the perfect guide!! She kept us entertained while teaching us so many new facts. Her voice was loud and clear and she constantly checked to be sure we were all happy and answered any and all questions. I overheard her going into detail with someone who asked a totally unrelated historical question. Very impressed! I would recommend this 1.5 hour tour to anyone-we learned so much more than we would have on our own.

Allan P

Newcastle, Australia

June 19, 2017

Excellent guide turned basic tour into something special

“Caitlin did a terrific job. I teach a course on the Revolutionary War in the south, but am very familiar with the history in Boston as well. Caitlin was able to add insights into the history in several areas. My wife had never been to Boston and is not too knowledgeable of history here and throughly enjoyed Caitlin’s performance. Although we had a very large group (>30), she was able to project her voice and be heard above the din of the city. She managed the number well in moving through traffic. The tour was as advertised — it doesn’t include the whole trail. It cannot and have the depth that it does.”  -David J  July 27, 2016

Freedom Trail Tour with Caitlin

“Caitlin was fantastic on this tour! We really appreciated her knowledge and the fact that used her theatrical voice in the noisy surroundings! We learned so much, and the trip length was just perfect for us. Ending at Faneuil Hall was also ideal for us to get a great bowl of New England clam chowder afterwards” -OrlandoLexie- Orlando, Florida

August 2016

Caitlin Johnston was an awesome tour guide!!

“I was lucky enough to be on Caitlin’s tour on Friday morning (8/5 at 10:30) and it was an incredible experience – so much information and history. Caitlin made sure everyone had a good time, kept a great pace and was very entertaining. I learned so much and highly recommend this tour!!” -Gayle Thompson729- Pasadena, California

August 2016


“It was a warm sultry morning with a gentle breeze that took my friend and me out to the Boston Commons. We decided to follow the Freedom Trail and since we did not want to have to wander untutored, we joined a tour headed by Ms. Caitlin Johnston who was dressed as a merchant girl in her prim bonnet and full dress (it was getting hot) the next 90 minutes flew by as she told us the background tales that led to the American Revolution. I wished all my history classes were as engaging and as entertaining – she is wonderful and I would recommend her to you whole heartedly! I learned a lot about the founding fathers from a very knowledgeable guide who !made it a point to look out for our safety and comfort while in full uniform! Kudos to Ms. Caitlin and to the Freedom Trail Tour” -kysawada-Denver  July 27, 2016

Best Tour Guide Ever

“Caitlin Johnston was our tour guide. Actually, we entered onto Boston Commons and we heard Caitlin on the Freedom Tour. We listened and she was so excellent, we followed her and paid her at the end. We had not planned on this type of tour but she was good so we changed our plans. She does the first 16 sites of the Freedom Tour and speaks loudly and clearly and could always be heard no matter where we were standing. She was very knowledgeable and was able to do English accents while being dressed in period attire. She asked if there were questions at the end of each site. The tour takes 90 minutes. If I went back to Boston, I would find a tour she was giving. She also does private tours of other sites such as Harvard. The next day, my husband and I went back to the cemetery and there were 3 different tours guides there in different sections. None spoke as clearly and kept my interest as Caitlin had. I would recommend her for a tour. You will not be disappointed.” -KJ- Denver, CO

September 2016

The History of Boston Comes Alive!

Caitlin Johnston was highly interesting and entertaining, while teaching us the history of Boston and the Revolution period in a captivating story. I met her outside the Boston Common Visitors Center, and had not planned on having a guide for our family tour of the Freedom Trail. I asked her to “sell me” on why we should have her as a guide, and she lived up to every promise. I would encourage you to ask for her by name to be your guide.

 keithtracy, Edmond, OK  September 2016
we covered a lot of territory! Caitlin was extremely knowledgeable, informative with tidbits of info i had never heard before. Thoroughly enjoyed her and this tour.
cjinnyh- Merrimack, NH September 2016

4137508576_ded3486640Boston Night Tour:

Family Group

“I am so glad we took our family on the Boston Night Tour! Our Guide Kaitlyn was great! She had excellent energy and a wonderful presence. The stories were interesting and compelling, if not really scary (which was fine since we had children in our group). Tim was also great! He answered my questions via Facebook Messenger promptly and thoroughly. We were also very happy with the group discount! After going on the tours in Plymouth and Salem as well, I would recommend any of these tours!” -Kris T  July 16, 2016

Boston Night Tour Added to Great Boston Experience!

“I’m so glad my family and I took this tour. Katelyn was our tour guide and she was GREAT! She had excellent energy and her delivery was perfect for this type of tour. Katelyn took us to some places that we may not have visited and told us stories that we pretty cool to Boston’s history.” -Irene G- Houston TX  June 22, 2016

Fantastic Tour!

“This tour was great! Katelyn was a great storyteller.

Just to compare, I took similar tours (different owners) in New Haven, CT and Baltimore, MD. This was my third and I prepared myself to be bored. On the contrary it was fantastic.

We learned about history in Boston and a few compelling ghost stories. I would recommend this tour to anyone interested in historical drama. Thanks Katelyn!” –dbbohner- North Haven, CT  Visited October 2014

Cambridge Historical Tours: Group-Shot-Winthrop-Park

Detailed Historical Tour

“Caitlin Johnston was our guide for the “Cambridge History Tour.” She was great and seemed very dedicated to her trade. Dressed in a period custom as Alice Longfellow, often talking in the first person, she clearly knew her stuff. She gave as close a flavor for the times as one could experience. She pointed out all the significant landmarks from the period and gave an interesting and detailed explanation of events and history surrounding the place and/or person that was the subject of our observation. For those wanting the facts and details behind the history of this town, I heartily endorse this service and Caitlin. She was very engaging, patient, and answered all questions after asking throughout if there were any questions. Someone wanting to just skim through the town might find this tour a bit too detailed. It took about an hour to complete with easy walking throughout. Caitlin made some superb recommendations for food.”  -Gary M – Denver Colorado   October 25,2014

Fun Educational Tour

“When my family and I got to Harvard, we didn’t know what to do or see. Rather than wandering around aimlessly, we joined this tour to get a better understanding of the Harvard campus. The tour with Alice Longfellow was full of interesting fun facts. It was a beautiful day for a walk outside and it was slight over one hour which was perfect. Wish I could have gone to school at Harvard now!”  -Sis D – Montreal Canada  Aug, 30, 2014

Cambridge Historical Tour- Fun and Informational

“The tour provided a history of Cambridge through the ‘experiences’ of our guide, Alice Longfellow. The daughter of the famous writer Longfellow. This made the tour very interesting and fun as well as historically informative. She took us to areas near Harvard, but not places we would have found on our own. The pace and length of the tour was just right. It left me feeling that I would return to the area to actually tour some of the places she talked about, for example the Longfellow House. Overall, a great tour.”  -Angela Lee- Providence RI May 28 2014

Nous sommes venus à Boston avec comme but de visiter Harvard. Bien qu’on ne puisse avoir accès à l’intérieur des buildings, notre guide Alice fut excellente, très informée sur l’histoire de Harvard et ses multiples bâtiments, elle a su nous faire découvrir cette prestigieuse université avec humour et passion. Nous recommandons cette visite à tous, petits et grands! Une très belle expérience à ne pas manquer et gratuite si vous avez pris le premium Boston Super Tour Trolley.

We came to Boston with a goal to visit Harvard. Although not have access inside the buildings, Alice our guide was excellent, very knowledgeable about the history of Harvard and its many buildings, she has us discover this prestigious university with humor and passion. We recommend this tour to everyone, young and old! A great experience not to be missed and free if you have taken the premium Boston Super Tour Trolley.

-Lexcorbo, August 2013